I help organisations improve their web experiences and create exciting new digital products and services.

I’m passionate about design and strive to make digital communication as meaningful and enjoyable as it can be.

What I can offer you in my next role

I've been designing for the web since 2001, in a full time capacity since early 2008. My core skills are visual design (Photoshop/Sketch) and front end development (HTML and CSS), using responsive design since 2012. I also encompass many of the tasks typically associated with UX Design, including site reviews, stakeholder research, sketching, wireframing (Balsamiq), prototyping (InVision), and rapid html prototyping (Zurb Foundation).

I’m good at understanding problems and identifying the needs of users and have a keen eye for attention to detail, having previously studied engineering. I’m a good listener and communicator, having demonstrated technical equipment to company director level in a previous role. I’m happy to go the extra mile as is required, receiving an ‘Agile Brave Clear’ award from my peers in 2012 as recognition of my work. I was also named ‘Most Outstanding Colleague’ in 2007 when working as part of a technical product support team.

In my most recent role I was responsible for the design and front end development of marketing websites and web based products for Wolters Kluwer, a global publisher with nearly 20,000 employees, which in the UK is a leader in the Tax & Accounting and Legal & Regulatory markets. The core Tax & Accounting online product is used by 29 of the top 30 accounting firms in the UK. More recently I’ve been responsible for raising awareness, adopting an undercover UX approach, regarding the benefits of providing good experiences to customers by adopting a user-centred design approach. I'm a strong advocate of providing the best possible experience to the highest number of users through good accessibility.

For further details regarding this role please view my CV and for details of my older roles please see my LinkedIn profile.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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How I got here

I'm a self taught Web Standards advocate. Having dabbled with the terror of tables and sliced gifs in Dreamweaver back in the early 2000's I wasn't sure I wanted to look at another html page until a friend introduced me to CSS.

I bought Dan Cederholm's excellent book Web Standard Solutions followed by Dave Shea's CSS Zen Garden having been so inspired by what I saw at the CSS Zen Garden and the rest is history.

Ever since then I've been designing using standards-based practices to ensure the best possible experience for all. In the past few years I've designed using the principles of Mobile First and Responsive Web Design on which this site is built, with a User Centred Design approach.

I've also just (8 February 2015) re-launched this site using the excellent Craft CMS. I've previously used the fantastic flat file CMS Statamic and before that Expression Engine. I personally found the learning curve quite steep on Expression Engine when I wasn't using it all the time. I was constantly referring to the documentation. Statamic was a breath of fresh air being based on files and not a database and was lighting fast as a result. The downside was that I had to dig a little under the hood whenever I wanted to make changes. Craft just works so well due to the simplicity of its templating system. I particularly like the fact that with all of these, compared to Wordpress or Drupal, you're effectively starting with a blank canvas each time. It's just content and how you want to display it on the page.








Some of what led me to this point (as a web designer) can be found via the following: