Lending Works


About the project

As part of the process for a recent job application I created a revised design for the Lending Works homepage using Zurb Foundation.


The existing design seen to the left, above on smaller devices, features quite a small call to action.

To give additional re-assurance to the user I gave greater prominence to the 'featured in' block.

I also moved some of the existing testimonials to the front page to replace the existing industry quote.

I also provided a more recognisable image for the primary call to action and gave more prominence to the wording and buttons.

Please note that for the purpose of this process I was required to only provide a visual update so no additional factors were considered, however I did make some layout changes with respect to the UX, in particular making the main navigation permanent.


I created the concept using Zurb Foundation adapting the HTML and CSS to fulfil certain branding criteria as was required for this task.

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