Sazani is an organisation that works globally to give access to local level political and social analysis. They specialise in the development and delivery of community based solutions.


As part of a major change in the business, due to some legislation changes regarding non-profit funding, particularly from sources such as the National Lottery, Sazani has significantly broadened it's range of services.

As part of this change I was tasked with creating online solutions to showcase these new services.

Fundamentally the business previously known as Sazani Associates is now Sazani.

As part of this ongoing project I have researched, designed, developed and launched the following:

Sazani, Sazani Associates, The Sazani Trust, Sazani Voluntourism, and Sazani Beach Hotel

Each is a dedicated self-hosted WordPress site, with Sazani initially being a portal to the other sites. As these sites evolve and further ones are added this will be expanded further.

Further details regarding this project will be available soon.

sazanitrust-screenshot sazani-associates-screenshot 1

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