Homerton Health Visiting


Homerton Health Visiting is a website and supporting app created on behalf of the Homerton University NHS Foundation Trust.


It provides parents, and expectant parents, with a one stop resource to help when bringing up a new child.


As well as providing valuable information, it provides links to external resorces for more detailed information.

We conducted an initial workshop with Health visitors, parents and support staff and they identified several key requirements:

  • allow parents to monitor key aspects of their childs development
  • provide details of local Health Visiting clinics
  • have specific detailsrelating to caring and brining up your new child, but also provide information dedicated to support parents who may be having a difficult time coming to terms with parenthood
  • the site must be friendly and not a "typical corporate NHS website", while maintianing key elements of NHS branding
  • should be usable with limited 3G or 4G data availability, ideally with an 'offline' option as it is expected that some parents associated with Homerton will be on lower incomes and may not have access to significant mobile data.

From this we created some initial concepts with a less corporate more family friendly feel.


Unfortunately this was slightly at odds with NHS brand guidelines, so this evolved into a more neutral, less colourful design. During this period we also worked on prototypes for the baby timeline.


Adhereing to a mobile first approach we eventually agreed on a set of designs, one critical factor, being the highlighting of critical information, seen in the red block below.


The key requirements to show the timeline and clinic finder eventually were completed and have been seen as particularly valuable tools for new parents.


Responsible for

Initial Sketches, User Journeys, User Centred Design, Wireframes, Rapid Prototypes, Responsive Design, WordPress Timber Build, HTML & CSS

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