Mesarch was developed in conjunction with reseachers from Coventry University as a method of recording participant details for those taking part in studies at Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs).

We undertook an extensive research process, reviewing the exiting paper based processes in detail. Initially very specific rules were put in place, and the system would only allow participants to proceed once the agreed data was recorded.  This was done with the majority of fields initially being set as mandatory. This was based on the need for certain parts of the existing process to have certain key required data.

Over time, and through several iterations, it was identified that this process would be difficult to maintain in practice.  As we provided test versions, other stakeholders identified issues with this restrictive process.  As a result of this with a few minor exceptions the majority of the mandatory fields were removed.  Initially we considered each phase of the process being a dedicated tab, so those participants at each stage could be easily identifiable. However due to an internal process review the number of specific steps was increased from around 10 to over 30 so it immediately became clear that an alternative was required.

Instead the system was significantly simplied, primarily due to budgetary constraints, and instead we show all participant in a sortable table.  Again following an internal review, certain key information was deemed to be required, and this was updated accordingly.


The system has significantly reduced the manual overhead of having updating a paper based system, and allows service users to focus their efforts on having more meaninglful discussions with participants.

Responsible for

Initial Sketches, Wireframes, Rapid Prototypes, Visual Design, HTML & CSS