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The objective of the project, created on behalf of Coventry University and Public Health Warwickshire was to develop an evidence based behaviour change app to enhance access and attendance at Stop Smoking Services. It is used in NHS and non-NHS community settings, with the aim of increasing referral rates, reducing Did Not Attend (DNA) rates, and increasing four week quit rates by virtue of a more motivated sample of attendees.

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The primary aim of the app is for the user to book, and attend, a stop smoking session at participanting NHS practices in the Warwickshire area.

Through a series of questions the user is able to get direct feedback regarding potential obstacles to quitting. Quotes from those with a successful outcome offer encouragement.

The user is then ultimately able to book a session at a participanting NHS practice using the Google Maps based interface. They can either enter their postcode or use the draggable interface.

In addition the app incorporates a reminder feature, so if the user is uncertain regarding attending a session, they can be reminded at a later stage.

The core branding, primarily the logo, was supplied by Bluestep, however due to some functional changes made to the app elements of the original branding were updated to better accommodate a responsive design implementation.

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